Live Recordings

The Guild is pleased to now offer LIVE RECORDING OF SHOWS AND CONCERTS.

The Guild is the only venue on PEI that offers this in-house recording service with our new Digidesign Venue SC48 digital console. The Venue SC48 features 48 mic/line XLR inputs and 16 line outputs, and it packs I/O, digital signal processing and mixing control into a single console. ProTools is fully integrated with the board, allowing one sound engineer to manage recordings with ease. This keeps costs down and increases the potential for an inexpensive Live Demo EP or CD.

Our recent upgrades, made possible with the financial assistance of ACOA’s Innovative Communities Fund, include new audio equipment, theatre seating, lighting, cabaret tables, stage curtains, skirting, staging components and safety rails. The Guild is a very classy joint to record your LIVE! OFF THE FLOOR CD.

There is that special “something” that you hear in the music of live recordings… it’s “one-take magic”… the exchange of infectious energy back and forth between the performers and the audience is audible and captured in the recording. Set the tables up cabaret style… candles… glasses of wine… great music… great applause… and you leave with digitally recorded tracks of the night, ready for mastering.

The Guild’s audio and light technician is Eric Fortune. He graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART); one of the premiere recording schools in North America. He is highly skilled and has worked with a variety of groups including musicians, actors and comedians. About the Venue SC48 Eric says, “The system has the same studio grade pre-amps that large studios use, we can record 18 tracks directly to Disk on a Pro Tools LE system. It’s super user-friendly. We can do what would normally take racks and racks of gear and record it all straight to disk on a professional system – from mics to recorder we’re good to go.”

The Guild Provides:

The Details


Live recording session (up to 6 hours + 2 hours max for setup/tech/strike) $300-500
(subsidies apply for emerging artists)
Technical Surcharge – $50/hr
(quote based on 6 hrs for Guild technician, full use of equipment,
effects, mics, etc. for one digital copy of all tracks)
$300 (for 6 hours)
Recording Fee $100
HST 15% Applied to all charges

Revenue/Funding Offsetting Costs

Ticket Sales dictated by the client. Standard ticket surcharges apply.

Mastering Costs

(optional via Eric Fortune)

We would be happy to provide a quote for optional mastering costs.

For further information on booking a LIVE! OFF THE FLOOR recording session call Michelle Hooper, Events & Operations Manager at 368-4479 or email: