Current Exhibit


Interior & Exterior Worlds  | Deborah Murphy & Lisa Bulman Taylor  – Oct 8th – Nov 3rd,  2021

In this exhibit, PEI artists Lisa Bulman Taylor and Deb Murphy present colorful and evocative artwork that both contrasts and complements each other’s vision. Bulman Taylor’s unique technique of generating original tactile art that she then manipulates and prints in high-resolution playoff Murphy’s highly textural works, composed with layers of transparent and opaque torn papers. Colour, movement, depth, texture, and light are captured in each of these 30 pieces. Viewed together in The Guild’s innovative collection, Bulman Taylor’s and Murphy’s pieces provoke, express, and reflect Interior and Exterior Worlds – their own and the viewers’.

      Lisa Bulman Taylor is a gifted PEI artist whose original work can be viewed in numerous actual and online spaces. She creates private and commissioned artwork.

Deb Murphy creates at her studio in Oyster Bed Bridge and her paperwork is displayed at The Dunes, Ellen’s Creek, and the PEI Craft Council.