“My name is Patricia Bourque. I am Mi’kmaq First Nation member of Lennox Island First Nation, from Epekwitk also known as Prince Edward Island. Located in the traditional territory of Mi’kma’ki. I am a visual artist, working with still image and cinematic.

My passion for photography has spread into photographing events of all sizes, sports, wildlife, live music and of course my MI’kmaq Culture. I don’t think of myself as a technical photographer. I am self-taught in photography where I learn from experiences and observing other photographers that I admire. I prefer this natural learning method over classrooms. I feel that this way I can stay true to who I am as an Artist.

I presently sit on the Board of Directors of The Guild in Charlottetown PEI, and I am a part of the executive of the PEI Photo Club. My work has been published in several national magazines such as BEC-Business Elite Canada, Toque and Canoe, and Canadian Geographic. I’ve been a part of 2 gallery shows, one of which was all of my own work, and the other was part of a group of Indigenous Women’s art show.”